Following the great success of recent training package, TriRox are offering 2  packages to get you ready for Harlech Triathlon 2020.

We have packages to suit Beginners and Intermediate Triathletes. We also have 2 different options available:

8 Week Package Package Deal


What you get:

  1. 8 week detailed training plan
  2. Basic training peaks account
  3. Private Facebook group
  4. 7 coached sessions
  5. 1 x question and answer sessions (first week)
  6. Race prep information

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    8/12 Week Packages In More Detail

    What you get:
    1. A complete 8/12 week triathlon plan: a choice of beginners/ intermediate/ advanced level
    2. A training peaks basic account which includes: daily emails to remind you of your sessions, an opportunity for you to provide feedback after each session for your own records. Colour coded (Green: complete the time given of the activity, amber: if you have completed 50% more/less of the activity time given and Red: if you have not completed or completed more/ less than 75% of the time given) this helps to keep you on track as you work your way through the plan!
    3. Be able to attend a Coached Session, once a week in the local area of Llanrwst, Llandudno and Colwyn Bay – coached by Rhian Roxburgh (this will be a combination of running, cycling and swimming and will be noted in the plan which session Rhian will be taking). Having access to your coach is invaluable for them to see progress, offer advice and guidance on a personal level and for you to form a coach – athlete relationship which will offer richness to your training, and undoubtedly, added value to performance
    4. Dedicated Facebook Page will be dedicated to you on this package deal. Here you will be able to communicate with others doing the same plan as you, you can chat about what is on the plan, how it is going and even organise rides/ runs and swims with people of similar ability.  This will be the hub of your training community.  Got a question about the race/ training… ask it on here and see what discussions form.  This has proven to be a huge success on similar TriRox training plans.
    5. Weekly Facebook Feedback – Rhian will access the facebook page once a week and answer any questions or queries you have about the training or Harlech Triathlon course. Many time Harlech Triathlon winner, Rhian Roxburgh, knows the course inside out and will be able to offer advice and guidance through your 8/12 week program
    6. Monthly Training Peaks Feedback – Rhian will give personalised feedback about your training 3 times during the 12 weeks or twice during the 8 weeks. This will include a review of how you have been doing. She will be looking at sessions completed and not and questioning you about your training performances.

    What is the difference between the beginner/ intermediate and advanced plans?


    This is for someone who has just started training for triathlons.  However, we expect you to have a background in some kind of sport, be it running, cycling or swimming or even football etc.  A beginner wanting to complete a sprint triathlon should be able to swim (this will not teach you to swim) at least 100m in front crawl or breastroke.  You don’t have to be able to swim frontcrawl to complete your first triathlon, but you may want to when you do you next one!

    To do this plan, you should be able to: swim 100m, cycle 5miles and walk/ run at least 2km

    I will be building you up through the course of the 12 weeks, from 4 sessions per week to 6 (this will be 2hours to 5hours per week)


    This is for someone who has completed a triathlon or a few before.  They perhaps are after a bit of structure to their training in order to know how to organise their week and also improve their performance generally.

    You should be able to swim 400m, bike 25km, run 5km– the aim of this plan is to improve the way in which you train so you can feel the benefits and improve your performance.

    I will be building you up through the course of the 12 weeks, from 6 sessions per week to 8 (this will be 5 hours to 8 hours per week)