Emer Sandham

Pete Borlace

“I approached Rhian for some training advice in January 2017. I love Triathlon, but had reached a stage where I was training with little improvements and was beginning to get a frustrated with my efforts. I had researched generic web-based training plans, read magazine articles and bought the training bible, but was struggling to make sense of it all and tailor something to suit me and my lifestyle.

Since January I have had a training plan from Rhian, which is structured around me and my racing goals this year. I get advice and feedback from Rhian on a weekly basis and I can honestly say that the last few months have made a big difference to my overall fitness, speed and enthusiasm for the sport. I’d always thought having a coach was a luxury or something for podium finishers but it’s not. If you want structure and accountability in your training – go for it, sign up for TriRox Training and you’ll definitely see the benefits.”