SheRox is a new Triathlon course specifically designed for Women Only. It is an 8-week structured journey to get you race ready for a sprint triathlon, namely the Llanrwst Sprint Triathlon, held on Sunday 2nd September 2018.

8 Week Course:
10th July – 28th August 2018

Course Fully Booked

Over the 8 weeks, Rhian will provide detailed training plans for beginner to intermediate level, that can be accessed online and also facilitate feedback between athlete and coach, enabling training to be structured to your lifestyle. These are accessed through Training Peaks.

One coached session a week will be taken by Rhian, covering technique, strength, speed and endurance in all three elements of triathlon, as well as the all-important transitions.

The plans offer two swim, two bike and two run sessions and allow space for one more session of your choice. Along the way, Rhian will take you on the bike course and run course for the Llanrwst Triathlon, a local triathlon event, a favourite amongst beginners and the more seasoned triathlete alike.

Although not essential, some of the sessions utilise GOG Triathlon Club sessions along with Llandudno Swim Fit sessions, where Rhian and other coaches will be at hand to offer advice and support.