TriRox Training Beach Party 

We are pleased to announce the launch of the TriRox Training Beach Party Manifesto!

We pledge

– To get you in the best shape of ever for the Llandudno Sea Sprint Triathlon

– To maximise performance

– To emphasise fun

– To build confidence and camaraderie

– To empower you to smash your goals

– We can’t promise cocktails on the beach, but we can try!

Are you ready to Storm the Orme with the TriRox Training Beach Party?

So what is the TriRox Training Beach Party?

TriRox Training Beach Party is a training course for all abilities, we have 30 spaces available, a 12 week plan to follow and 12 face to face training sessions to get yourself ready for the Always Aim High Llandudno Sea Triathlon on 25th September 2022.  

If you need more information, there is a draft itinerary of the 12 weeks below.  *each session is subject to change and dates are yet to be confirmed.  Weather may affect the training session but there will always be a face to face session during each week.

Date Session Attend Individual Session
13/7/2022 Coached Pool Swim at Rydal Pool 7-8pm on 13th July £10.00
19/7/2022 Coached Bike Session at Marsh Tracks on 19th July £5.00
26/7/2022 Coached Run Analysis Session at Llandudno Prom on 26th July at 7-8pm £5.00
2/8/2022 Coached Lake Swim at Padarn Lake on 2nd August 7-8pm £10.00
9/8/2022 Coached Ascending and descending bike skills at Llandudno Swimming Pool on 9th August 7-8:30pm £3.00
17/8/2022 Coached Brick Session – Run Specific Eirias Park (by the civic centre) 17th August 7:30-8:30pm £5.00
23/8/2022 Coached Sea Swim Session – Porth Eirias 23rd August 7-8pm £10.00
30/8/2022 Coached Brick Session at Venue (Meet at Llandudno Pool) 30th August 7-8pm £3.00
6/9/2022 Coached Sea Swim (Prom Opposite Venue Cymru) 6th September 6:30pm £10.00
13/9/2022 Coached Transition Practice Marsh Tracks 13th September 7-8pm £5.00

Sign up now, you will receive an email from please save that to your address book so it doesn’t go to your Junk mail!  The email will give you details of how to join the Facebook Group and what you will need to do in order to download the plan.

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    What is the difference between the beginner/ intermediate and advanced plans?


    This is for someone who has just started training for triathlons.  However, we expect you to have a background in some kind of sport, be it running, cycling or swimming or even football etc.  A beginner wanting to complete a sprint triathlon should be able to swim (this will not teach you to swim) at least 100m in front crawl or breastroke.  You don’t have to be able to swim frontcrawl to complete your first triathlon, but you may want to when you do you next one!

    To do this plan, you should be able to: swim 100m, cycle 5miles and walk/ run at least 2km

    I will be building you up through the course of the 12 weeks, from 4 sessions per week to 6 (this will be 2hours to 5hours per week)


    This is for someone who has completed a triathlon or a few before.  They perhaps are after a bit of structure to their training in order to know how to organise their week and also improve their performance generally.

    You should be able to swim 400m, bike 25km, run 5km– the aim of this plan is to improve the way in which you train so you can feel the benefits and improve your performance.

    I will be building you up through the course of the 12 weeks, from 6 sessions per week to 8 (this will be 5 hours to 8 hours per week)


    This is for someone who has had a few years competing at triathlon and their main focus is to improve their performance.  You may want to place higher in your age category, compete rather than complete!  Improve speed, efficiency and endurance.  You may want to train smarter and get the most out of your workouts

    You should be able to swim 400m, bike 25km-40km  and run 5km-10km easily

    I will be building you up through the course of the 12 weeks, from 8 sessions per week to 12 (this will be 8hours to 12hours per week)

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