Land Training for Triathletes

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£15 per month (total of 12 sessions)

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‘my times have come down since returning to the pool, can’t believe it!’

‘I can feel the water better after having done swim cords through the summer’

‘I feel stronger and get the catch better’

What you get:

3 sessions per week, each 30mins long

Session 1: with a focus on strengthening the CORE.  This will help in many aspects of all three disciplines: swim: body position and rotation, bike: having good core strength helps you to direct the power through the pedals and not lose energy through the body and Run: having a good core helps with run posture helping you to become a more efficient runner.

Session 2 and 3: It is difficult to separate these things: flexibility, mobility, stabilisation and strength.  You need all 4 to keep the body in balance.  

For swimming, with a focus on these 4 elements you will; be more streamlined in the water, have better range of movement in your joints and more flexibility and strength in the muscles to be able to get hold of the water and to keep hold for longer as well as improve that your kick!

Cycling: having good range of motion in the hips and lower back will help with your aerodynamic position and ensure that you maintain you maximal power in that position.

Running:  not having the full range of motion in running causes the body to become unbalanced and therefore more prone to injury. Tight muscles will cause flexibility and mobility issues.   Having a better range of motion and strong flexible muscles will help to improve performance by allowing your body to move with efficiency and ease.  Muscles that can activate in multiple positions means more power when you push off the ground, a better knee drive fro speed and will help you stay injury free. 

Equipment Needed: Swim Cords ( I recommend Finis Swim Cords: yellow for beginners, green for intermediates and red for advanced), an exercise ball and different levels of resistance bands (although not essential as you can use your swim cords)

When and Where:

Watch the sessions LIVE on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30am OR follow along in your own time!

Cost: £15 per month or £2 per session (MASSIVE SAVING of £9 per month if you SUBSCRIBE!)