Fabulous February

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The TRT Team have been testing themselves again this month with great success!  February is not not a time to be fast as most of us are in heavy training, ready to be peaking come race season.  However, the squad have done themselves proud with PBs in running and for some, increasing their FTP.

Keep on Running

Last month I mentioned a PB for Gail Leonard, who is now training for a Half marathon. She is a dedicated athlete, consistently completing her sessions and running at the pace or heart rate zones given and it’s paying off with another 5k PB, now down to 25:12!  When I consider that she joined the squad in March 2020 wanting to get her run time for a 5km under 30mins, saying  ‘I just can’t get it under no matter what I try’ it makes me proud of how far she has come and I know she still has so much more to give!

Ceri Hughes dedication is paying off with a 10km PB, with a 5% improvement on her previous best.  Ceri hasn’t ran many 10km, the last recorded PB was 58:11, but she smashed that in a time of 53:37.  I am so pleased to see her current progress after all her hard work.

Harrie Lewis has been looking to focus on her running of late,  and her hard work is beginning to show when she got under 29mins for her last 5km TT, in a time of 28:45.  A season’s best – keep up the great work, Harrie!

Chris Beardmore, has joined the TRT Squad and is training for Ironman Wales in September. On his recent 5km test he set a seasons best of 18:56 which is 19seconds faster than the 5km time set prior to joining. Great to see that we’re getting improvements so early in his programme.

Welcome to the squad Chris.

Luke has managed to find the magic of consistency in his training, which is the key to improvement!  We are both pleased to see him come in under the 23minutes for his 5km TT this month, in a time of 22:50.  Let’s watch this space to see these times coming down, pretty quickly I think.

Mali and Angie were given a 3km TT to carry out, It’s always good to take away the pressure with an odd distance to run.  Both were happy with their times but more importantly, have belief and confidence that they can go faster.  This is great to hear as racing and performing is as much mental as it is physical.

Ride On

The Zwift Racers have come to the end of the Winter Welsh Grand Tour sadly, but have shown strengths in all areas.  The races have been challenging in many ways; the distance, the elevation, the length of time in the saddle indoors, the challenge that comes with racing in a pack, the highs and lows of getting it right or getting it wrong! The lessons learned; fuelling during a race, dehydration and overheating, pacing it right, using the pack to help – so many things!

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is a measure of endurance capacity on the bike and Mared managed to increase hers yet again in a recent test. Rhian, who reached an all time FTP in the summer, managed to match it in a recent test also.  Grant continues to improve, increasing his watts by 9w in a month! Simon Roxburgh has managed a 5% increase in his FTP – amazing results all, well done!

TRT Medal Motivation

We’ve started a 5km run plan for those who are returning to running or are new to running, the TRT Medal Motivation Group!

The group have had their first 5km TT this month and we have received positive reviews from the athletes involved.  I am very excited to see the next 5km TT to see what sort of progress has been made.  If you have friends or family thinking of giving running a go in the future tell them to get in touch as there’ll be regular future courses to get people active.

TRT Medal Motivation Kids

We had 14 children take part in the Medal Motivation Kids, all surpassing the challenge given.  Well done to all those who took part.  We were very excited to receive pictures of their routes and improvements made, as well as photographs of them with their medals.

We have a new challenge out at the moment, which can start at any time.  The idea is to get as many family members or friends involved with a route of your choice at any distance. The challenge is to improve your time for that route.

For more information or to sign up press here

The Walk Back

To finish the TriRox Training news, we have one athlete, Chris Clarke, who caught Covid-19 at the start of the Lockdown in March 2020. She has since been dealing with the effects of Long Covid and we are very proud of how she has continued to persevere through set back after set back on her road to recovery. Now in better health and with more energy, she is gaining in strength and endurance.  Unable to do much initially, Chris she set herself a challenge to walk 1 mile around her garden on a daily basis.  At the beginning, this was a struggle, but gradually she has built up her strength to get faster each time.  This month marked the 300th consecutive day of walking that 1 mile journey.  I am uncertain if she will ever stop now that she has hit 300 days.  Personally, I think she has achieved so much more than she’ll ever give herself credit for and with her determination and mental strength.  I reckon there will be no stopping her when she has returned to full health.

Swim Cords – Turbo – Core Conditioning Zoom Sessions

Our sessions are going from strength to strength with 15 to 30 members now attending. Not made the plunge yet?  Why not get swim ready with our early morning Swim Cord and Core Conditioning Sessions from the comfort of your own home!   Our Turbo sessions have seen members increasing their FTP and are about to become race ready with the next block of training.  It’s not too late, why not sign up here.


I am very proud of the dedication, application and improvements from you, the TriRox Training squad this month. These are all stepping stones to the bigger picture of race performance later in the year.

Whilst some people are finding it hard to motivate themselves to get out the door, it’s great to see that the TriRox Training squad are working together, helping one another, whilst enjoying and finding motivation from each others success.  Keep up the great work everyone. The next few months are going to fly and let us hope that there will be some racing to look forward to soon.

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